Hi! Welcome to my blog! ! ! 

Thanks for joining me while I learn to navigate this ” blogging thing “. 

In October last year I started up an instagram. At first it was a general aimzlovez account about….yep you guessed it…..everything i loved. Within a few months though it became clear there was one thing that stood out. One thing that I was clearly passionate about and that was books! So my instagram got an overhaul and became @aimzlovezbooks. For the past few months I’ve enjoyed being part of the bookstagram community.  Improving my photos, learning about instagram, meeting new booklovers, discovering indie authors with fantastic books, adding a million new books to my tbr (I may be over exaggerating but it feels like a million), joining in book giveaways, receiving book subscription boxes, discovering bookish etsy stores, becoming addicted to bookish funko pops and leather-bound books…..seriously could go on forever! Long story short bookstagram community = amazing 😍😍 


Which leads me to…..why did I start this?? I feel like sometimes i really want to go into detail with some of my instagram posts. Or post more than one photo but don’t want to be super spammy. I felt like i needed another outlet in which i could express the thoughts i had running around inside this head of mine. And the Aimzlovezbooks blog was born!

I’ve never blogged before. But here I am. About to give it my best shot. So bare with me if I’m doing it “wrong” and a very big thank you for joining me on this journey and taking your time to read it 😆. 

Before I go, here’s a little info about me: 

My names Aimee! 

I’m 26. 

I live in Perth, Australia.

I’m a mum to two beautiful kids.received_1049668851722966

I love to read. I love books. Especially YA books. 

And I’m addicted to book subscription boxes. 


Thanks for reading! And please comment below a few things about yourself so I can get to know you as well! Also if you have a bookstagram account or blog please also comment it below so i can check it out too! 

–  AIMZ 



3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! You have some lovely pics and I can see why you needed an outlet to post more than one 🙂

    Can I make a small suggestion? Would you consider changing your font color? While it is a beautiful color, it can be a bit hard to read against that bright white background. Just a suggestion…


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