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Unboxing: The Best Damn Book Box – March – Magical Things & Magical Beings

Welcome back guys!

Today i have an unboxing post to share with you all! Yay!! I love doing unboxings! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

The Best Damn Book Box is a US based book subscription box. In case you dont know what a book subscription box is….here’s a quick summary:

Basically, it’s a subscription service that sends you a box of surprise goodies once a month. Each month is a different theme and they base the items included around the theme. The items themselves are always a surprise but the theme is always announced publicly. If you don’t like the theme then you can simply skip that month. Each month the boxes will come with a book and 2-5 bookish/book related items.

So back to the unboxing!

Today i received the March The Best Damn Book Box. March’s theme was “Magical Things & Magical Beings”ย 

Here is the box itself. ย It has the company name printed on it so there is no mistaking who it came from. There’s also a super cute picture of a bookworm and a book owl.


And here is an unboxing picture:


Isnt it AWESOME! I absolutely love it! Everything included is super cute and fits the theme perfectly. All up there is 9 items including the book. Which is an amazing amount of items to be included. I’ll go through each item and post more detailed pictures and info below.

1) The Contents Card

First up is the contents card. I love how they present it. Its always well written and Nicole (CEO of The Best Damn Book Box) gets creative and makes up a rhyme, story, invitation etc. Its a nice change from the standard contents cards included in other boxes. The only thing i would probably like to see change would be another slip of paper with RRP prices included.

This months contents card says:

“The Best Damn Book Box presents Magical Things & Magical Beings

We invite you INTO THE WOODS on a MAGICAL adventureIMG_20160413_132124_wm

Inside this box you will find a candle to light the DARKEST of nights by Novelly Yours.

Ariel’s mermaid ring to guide you through the treacherous sea by Sparks Emporium.

A beautifully crafted locket necklace to remind you of those who love you by Crafting Call.

Fairy Dust bath fizz so you can fly like Tink by Enchanted Story Book Spa.

Dragon button pin by 24 Hour Print to show your badge of honor.

A Mermaid sticker and print by Evie Bookish.

Lastly, a Book of Magic, Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.”ย 

2) Lady Midnight Scented Candle From Novelly Yours.

Novelly Yours is an etsy business who makes book inspired candles. This scent “Lady Midnight” was custom made and picked by Nicole for the box (she even picked the colour). It smells of outdoors, forest and citrus. Etsy lists the fragrance as: outdoors, fallen leaves, stormy nights, grapefruit & lemon. At first glance i was a little unsure of it because im not one for nature scented stuff or citrus scented stuff. However once opened, this actually smells really really good!IMG_20160413_132618_wm.jpg

The candle is 236.5 ml or 8 oz and costs $14.75 AUD or $11 USD.

If you wish to purchase this its now available on etsy under the new name “Parabatai”ย here.

3) Fairy Dust Bath Fizz by Enchanted Storybook Spa.

Enchanted Storybook Spa is another etsy business located in the US. They specialize in natural and all organic bath products. The bath fizzies received were scented in Lavender Vanilla and smell really good!

The RRP for this is $3.30 AUD or $2.50 ย USD.

If you wish to view their range, you can do soย here.


4) Mermaid Ring by Sparks Emporium

ย Sparks Emporium is a handmade jewelry business located in Florida. They provided the mermaid rings in the box. From what I’ve seen of unboxing pictures on instagram there were several different colours given out at random. Mine is a lovely pink color. The ring itself is lead and nickel free and adjustable.

The RRP is $6.50 AUD or $5 USD however the quality is great for the price.

You can vist Sparks Emporium here.

5) Blue Druzy Earings by The Best Damn Craft ShopIMG_20160413_131555_wm.jpg

Nicole also runs another business called The Best Damn Craft Shop. She makes all sorts of crafty things to include in the box. This month it was the beautiful blue druzy earings. ย These are easily my favourite item in the box. They are gorgeous! Seriously, the photo does not do them justice. Unfortunately Nicole experienced some bad snow and it caused our shipping to be delayed. The earing were included as a bonus item to those subscribers who were affected.

The RRP price of these are $18.30 AUD or $14 USD.

The Best Damn Cratf Shop will be opening an etsy shop soon with these earings available.

IMG_20160413_131821_wm6) Locket Necklace by Crafting Call

Crafting Call is an etsy shop located in the Philippines. They make handcrafted book keepsakes and acessories. We received a Lady midnight locket necklace. It looks exactly like a mini book and opens up to hold two photos. The necklace is also great quality. ย And the packaging is unique. It looks exactly like a library book! I love it!!

The RRP is $26.80 AUD or $20 USD

You can vist Crafting Callย here.IMG_20160413_131925_wm
7 ) Mermaid Print & Sticker by Evie Bookish

Evie Bookish is a well known graphic artist in the bookstagram community. She sells her designs on redbubble and society 6. ย You can buy her designs in the form of prints, mugs, pillow covers, totes and much more. We received a mermaid design in the form of a print and a sticker. It featured a mermaid’s tail with a quote from The Vicious Deep by Zoraida ย Cordova. It says “some things you learn best in calm and some in storm”.

I’m not 100% sure on the RRP prices of these. I cant find the stickers on redbubble or society 6. And I’m not sure on the size of thr print. I’m going to assume the prices is around $15.70 AUD or $12 USD based on the prices her prints start on society 6.

You can view Evie’s society 6 shopย here.


8) Dragon Button Pin by 24 Hour PrintIMG_20160413_132238_wm.jpg

I couldn’t find any info about this one. Besides the obvious, its a badge, features a dragon reading a book and says “I’m a book dragon”. Again its good quality and fits the theme perfectly.

Again, I’m unclear on the RRP of this one. Sorry.


9) Hardcover Book, Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

And finally the most important part of the box…the book! It’s a new release, Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. I had a feeling it was going to be the chosen book so i held off buying it when it was first released. And im so excited i did. Living in Australia we dont get many hardcovers. This also being the US edition included a stamped signature of Cassandra Clare’s on the inside, somethimg we also dont get here.

The RRP listed on the book is $32.65 AUD or $24.99 USD.

This can be purchased from any bookstore.



Overall Value:

So by adding all of the individual RRP together (that ive found on the shop pages) the total value of this box comes to ย a whooping $118 AUD or $89.49 USD.

The box itself can be pricey here in Australia due to conversion rates and international shipping. The box itself cost $39.99 USD which is $52.25 AUD. International shipping is then $19.99 USD which is $26.10 AUD. So all up the box cost $78.35 AUD.

However taking that into consideration we STILL got much more value then the price of the box itself. Thats almost an extra $40 worth of value!

My verdict:

Even though this box tends to be higher in price i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Nicole packs it full of value and she always has the BEST themes. Shipping sometimes take a little longer then usual but thats to be expected when it comes from a different country. And Nicole is always present on social media updating us with any delays that may occur, which is great! Customer service is key ๐Ÿ‘Œ.

Highly recommend this box to anyone who is contemplating trying it out!!

They are currently taking orders for April’s Box which is themed “All That Glitters” until the 19th. From the 20th onward they will start taking orders for May’s “Beauty And The Beast” Themed Box.

If you wish to purchase yourself a box you can do soย here.ย And use the code “BESTDAMNBOX” to receive 10% off at checkout.

Thanks for reading!




9 thoughts on “Unboxing: The Best Damn Book Box – March – Magical Things & Magical Beings

  1. Great review/ awesome un boxing! I have the same copy of lady midnight but the candle and all the extras ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™ I’m definitely checking this sub box out ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Beauty and the Beast theme is next month?! Dare I hope for a copy of the new ACOTAR! I’m going to look at their site now ๐Ÿ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, I’m in Australia so it works out to be $78.35 here. If your in the US it works out to be $50 USD. They do ship internationally to any country but i not 100% sure on the price for those. If you use the code “BESTDAMNBOX” at checkout though you get 10% off ๐Ÿ˜Š

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