Hi everyone!
So I’ve been a bit absent on my bookstagram and blog this month…I’m sorry!
Between my children being on school holidays, then becoming sick, then myself becoming sick, my son’s birthday and life in general I have fallen a little behind on my posts. BUT things are slowly returning to normal and i have a HUGE BUNCH of things to share with you all. First off is my review for Awaken by G. R. Thomas.

Title: Awaken
Author: G. R. Thomas
Pages: 364
Published: 11th November 2015
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
imageI first discovered Awaken when I was browsing bookstagram for some new indie authors to read (supporting indie authors is IMPORTANT, and I’ll make a post on that later). The amazing cover is what initially caught my attention. I immediately jumped onto goodreads to check out the synopsis and followed G. R. Thomas on bookstagram. The synopsis mentioned the main character as being a nurse. At the time I’d been in a major Grey’s Anatomy funk so the mention of a nurse drew me in. Awaken is a YA Urban Fantasy that tells the story of Sophia Woodville. Sophia lives a happy and normal life as a nurse with a best friend and Nan she can rely on. That is of course until one fateful day where destiny intervenes and everything Sophia thought she knew comes crashing down. Suddenly faced with secrets, hidden identities, responsibility and enemies she didn’t know existed. Sophia must learn to quickly adapt and face challenges to save herself and those around her. To do so, Sophia must take part in a wild journey of self discovery across the globe while unravelling a compelling history of servitude, original sin and forbidden love.image

My thoughts
While this book is nothing like I thought it would be (some kind of hospital drama with some fantasy sprinkled in) it was still AMAZING and i loved it! Thomas takes us on a whirlwind adventure through time and countries while she weaves historical facts with a compelling tale of Watchers and Daimon. With Thomas’s highly descriptive writing style not once did i have trouble imagining the world created in Awaken. The details Thomas created from the names, to the history and the ancient languages build a complex world that blends together beautifully with a wonderfully written unique storyline. I found the characters especially Sophia, Brennan, Enl’iel/Nan, Lorcan and Kea, charming, endearing and at times hysterical (looking at you Brennan). I loved watching Sophia on her journey of self discovery and found her very relatable. I also loved that this was written by an Australian author and part of the book was set in Australia. Thomas’s love for the Australian nature and horse’s clearly shine through in her writing. And the ending! Such a cliff hanger! Can’t wait till book two is released so I can find out what happens next! My only issue with the book is that at times i was slightly confused. With the unique angelic names and a wide variety of characters I sometimes found it hard to keep track of who’s who. I would find myself flipping back and forward between chapters to make sure i was thinking of the right character. This is only a minor issue though that i believe can be fixed. Something as simple as a character key in the back of the book to help readers keep track of who is who, what their position is and possibly even how to pronounce their names would be a great asset to Awaken.

You can purchase Awaken at the following links:

Amazon – Paperback

Amazon – Ebook

You can also view G. R. Thomasโ€™s website here.

Her blog here.

And her instagram here.

And if you live in Sydney Australia then you can go and meet Thomas at Supanova this year! Purchase a book, get it signed and have a chat!

โ€“ AIMZ


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